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Bart Mihailovich ‘06

Bart Mihailovich, graduated from EWU with a BA in Journalism. He is one of 20 young alumni featured in the spring issue of Eastern magazine's, 20 Under 40. Nominated by our readers, these inspiring alumni are recognized as innovators and trailblazers in their respective fields.

What do you do at work?
I work on issues to help protect the Spokane River. My job is to look at pollution problems and how they are impacting the river and the health of the community. My favorite part of work is providing outreach and education to the community by speaking to schools and college classes, giving presentations to business groups or other organizations and maintaining my blog, website and all of Riverkeeper’s social media channels.

How did Eastern help prepare you for your career/life? 
I worked mostly full-time throughout college (EWU Special Events/Catering), so I learned a lot about hard work and balancing work and other responsibilities. I was also fortunate enough to go through EWU’s journalism department when it was in Spokane with some great professors (Steve Blewett and Bill Stimson) who exposed us to real issues and real professionals in the Spokane area, many of the people who I now interact with in my role as Riverkeeper. 

Outside of work we’ll find you…
My wife Sara (Horn), ‘07 BA finance, and I are always traveling, always exploring. Our families are in Montana and Alaska, respectively, so we try to travel home to see family. 

Ten years from now you’ll be? 
Probably somewhere in Montana, working on water conservation issues and rafting down a river with my wife and future family. I grew up with my parents taking me down rivers, it obviously set the tone for what I’d become in life.

Read the full article in the Spring 2013 issue of Eastern magazine.