Submit your nominations for the 2013 EWU Alumni Awards to honor our most inspiring Eagles for the 2013 Alumni Awards. Nominations are currently open and will close at midnight on March 10, 2013.

Categories and Criteria

Nominations are reviewed by the EWU Alumni Awards Selection Committee made up of past award winners, EWU students and faculty, EWU Alumni Association board members and various community members. This committee follows a standard protocol which makes every effort to select recipients of the highest caliber, giving equal consideration to all who have achieved excellence in their respective fields.

Recipients of the 2013 Alumni Awards represent the most distinguished individuals and organizations. There are six different categories within which to nominate an individual for an alumni award. Please review the categories and criteria below to determine which one best describes your intended nominee. If you have questions about which category to select for your nominee, please contact Leah Mow in Alumni Relations at or 509.359.4553.

Lifetime Achievement Award

This is the highest honor bestowed by the Alumni Association. It recognizes alumni who have achieved exceptional success in their professions; have been leaders in their community; have exemplified him or herself as a mentor and role model; demonstrated a lifetime of service to their community and to EWU. Criteria:
  • As the highest honor an alum can receive, the nominee must demonstrate a history of active participation in the EWU community and a commitment to ensuring its future vitality.
  • The nominee must be an alum of Eastern Washington University with a minimum of 15 years of professional experience since graduating (graduated 1996 or earlier).
  • This person has a lifetime record of substantive contributions to their professional field.
  • This person demonstrates outstanding leadership and/or mentorship to others.
  • This person serves as a role model to and shows a strong commitment to community service.

Inspirational Young Alumnus Award

This award is designed to recognize up-and-coming leaders among EWU’s young alumni (graduates within the past 15 years). Recipients demonstrate a commitment to excellence in post-academic life and a significant or ongoing commitment to extraordinary work, research or volunteerism. Criteria:
  • Nominee has attained significant prominence through professional endeavor, research, volunteerism and/or involvement within the local or global community or the university.
  • He or she has demonstrated leadership and a commitment to the service of others.
  • Special consideration will be given for those who demonstrate significant initiative by starting innovative service projects, research, businesses or other original enterprises.
  • The nominee must have graduated from EWU within the past 15 years (1997-2011)
  • The nominee must be an alum of EWU.

Alumnus of Service Award

This award recognizes an alum who contributes significantly in the area of educational or community service. Criteria (the nominee exemplifies one or more of the following):
  • This nominee has been active in the creation of inclusive communities by promoting equity and advancing the status of underrepresented groups.
  • This nominee demonstrates outstanding leadership and serves as a role model and mentor within their school, community and/or organization.
  • If the nominee is an educator, he or she demonstrates creativity and imagination in their lesson plans and teaching methods that inspire students to learn.
  • The nominee must be an alum of EWU.

Exceptional Military Service Award

This award recognizes an alumnus who contributes significantly through their military service. Criteria (the nominee exemplifies one or more of the following).
  • This nominee is currently serving on active duty, in the Reserves or National Guard or has served honorably within the armed forces.
  • This person demonstrates outstanding leadership and exemplifies meritorious service within their organizations and throughout their career.
  • This person is active in the support of military families, dependents and service members.
  • The nominee must be an alum of EWU.

Distinguished Faculty Award

This award recognizes an EWU faculty member who is selected by popular vote. This award is presented as the voice of our community to the faculty member (current or past) of their choosing. In the event of a tie vote, there will be an additional process to determine a clear winner. Criteria:
  • The nominator must be an EWU alum. The nominee does not need to be an EWU alumnus/a.
  • The nominee demonstrates passion in the classroom by delivering content in a meaningful and engaging manner.
  • The nominee has exemplary interpersonal skills in communicating with students.
  • The nominee participates in career coaching and mentoring activities.
  • The nominee demonstrates a strong commitment to creating a climate of caring and respect conducive to effective teaching and learning.